Thursday, 10 February 2011

Where were you when the world changed?

It is Beethoven; approaching his piano... days later the Hammerklavier is unveiled. It is Thomas Edison, circa 1870, dreaming of a world bathed in electrical lamps. It is Copernicus, looking to skies; looking and realising there is more.

It is Daniel Burt; tentatively experimenting with Activated Charcoal in a poorly lit utility room…

The genus of a world-changing notion is seldom juxtaposed with grandiose surroundings and a fanfare of expectation. The catalyst of change is not always one easily quantified ‘Eureka’ moment, more a favourable circumstance combined with an undiluted will.

In this instance, after weeks of saponfication, curing and airing, of subtle formulation and great personal sacrifice – BarSoap takes no small pleasure in unveiling its latest creation ‘The Black Stuff’ bar.

A bar imbued with the relaxing hops, herbs and minerals of a 500ml can of Guinness and granted a wonderful texture and the colour beholden by so many by with addition of activated charcoal – a substance which boasts both incredible cleaning properties and a lovely texture in this form. It’s all rounded off with a creamy head on the top of each bar.

Now, I hope this doesn’t sound too arrogant when I announce that I have created the finest soap… in the world. I was surprised when it happened but I double checked, this is the finest soap… in the world.

*recommended for (but not limited to) oily skin, acne, Guinness drinkers, soap buying public at large.
**The Black Stuff bar should be available in the next seven days!

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