Thursday, 10 March 2011

Results night for the Etsy Oscars!

Well, this is exciting! The first thing I'd like to do is thank the lovely Kate for "Suggesting" I write this review, it's been nothing but a pleasure to research the 70+ shops that entered this competition. My eyes may be bleeding, but they're tears of seeping, bloody joy. Yes, it was genuinely humbling to look over some of these shops; usually when I come across people more talented than me I sulk and try to avoid making eye-contact with them, though in this case I have to write a blog celebrating their superiority so... thanks again for this Kate.

However, let's get started. Initially I drew up a shortlist of 25 shops which, fundamentally, really is far too long for a shortlist. So I was able to whittle this down again to 9; Jenn's Zen almost made it through sheer descriptive power alone "Mouth Watering and Delicious Fuscia Pink Chalcedony Earrings" - Well played, I was almost interested in earrings for a short time (Kate thinks they're lovely too) There were also several promising Burlesque entries; basically I want more women to look like this and this (not safe for work) - it's shameless but I have noticed 80s fashions making a comeback and I'd do anything to stop that happening.

I think my sub-conscious desire to be able to draw anything beyond stick men is why I choose this from Sunny Lee Studios. The featured pieces seem so vibrant - I always think watercolours are one of the more organic and exciting painting styles (also, there's a freakin' Pterosaur painting, which is always terrific for a young man to see!) The same goes for Firebelly Art even though none of them look like anything specifically (it's abstract you see) I could imagine looking at them from time to time and enjoying the colours if there's nothing on T.V. Oh and Andralynn for the sheer whimsy of it, I just love whimsy.

Also, have you ever wished a greeting card could double as a Basil plant? I know I have. Well wish no more friends, I really think this kind of juxtaposition is indicative of a mind that sees the world not as it is, but as it should be. And, from the ecologically prescient to the pragmatic, I think this stuff might be the only thing to prevent me actually slipping into a waking coma at my current job so thanks for that Peachy Keen, I need that job to pay the gas/electricity bill.

Well, I think I've gone on far too long... onto the main event. It's a hearty congratulations to Penny Farthing!

The style of Steam-Punk Victorian Gothic has, until now, been a criminally under represented fashion chic. However, this ring...
... is somewhat eye-catching I'm sure you'll agree; something Edward Scissorhand might wear for a night on the town and anyone who thinks that's a bad thing is -actually- insane. Now, I'm not claiming I'd be able to pull off wearing such a ring (especially given the amount of cardigans and knitted clothes I've been wearing recently) but I'd love to meet the man who had both the confidence and the wardrobe to match an item like this. Not to mention the lady who'd carefully apply her make-up and make arrangements for the evening before casually slipping on this...
No, it doesn't tell the time - but that's not the issue. I appreciate the minutiae of detail in some of these pieces and, whilst some pieces can lean towards the ostentatious, the style seems to almost insist on a certain esoteric fan-base. Certainly, this fusion of melancholy and the mechanistic presumably isn't to everyone's taste (my friends certainly wouldn't permit me such body adornments) but it's certainly striking - sure, a gold ring with a diamond in it looks pretty, but it's been done... I must have seen at least 10 people last week wearing a gold ring (maybe more!)

Also, I defy anyone to tell me they wouldn't look dapper wearing these cufflinks to any given formal event...
They're unisex which doubles their potential user-base and this is me, right now, throwing down the gauntlet for someone to mix and match with them. I know there's a tuxedo or female garment out there that is screaming out for domino cufflinks, I -actually- know it and I want photographic proof to show that the reality is as beautiful as it is in my head. Is there no-one among us who will take up this challenge? (I'd do it, but the chances of my ever being invited to a formal event are akin to finding a needle in a haystack where there isn't a needle)

So, as I've been researching and writing this for almost 5 hours now I'm going to wrap it up. A heartfelt thanks for everyone who entered; I think Kate is going to do a treasury featuring some of the shortlisted artists; there's too many to feature you all and for that I apologise (you're all just too talented, feel free to give yourselves a round of applause, all of you) I'll try and write another one at somepoint - so thank you again, you're beautiful people.

This is Dan, signing out. 

P.S - Fr33na, Coquette Bath and Buddhakitty Glass you almost made it for this, this and this.

P.S.S  - This is directed at Custom knit treasures I don't know if you're reading this but Kate mentioned your concern about a sales drop off; I've looked into it and as you sell scarves in Florida I'm guessing the sales dip is related to the weather...

This Google search of Florida reveals that scarves are pretty seasonal there, I hope you don't think I'm being presumptuous but I suggest Sunhats for the warmer months. Apologies is that sounded flippant I do genuinely hope it picks up for you.
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  1. Oh.My. Gawd.
    Wow, found a kick-ass blog via Etsy, I am *so* following this!
    Love the quippy humor and, well. of course, the domino cufflinks. If I hadn't already gotten my friend to make custom cufflinks for my fiance, I'd be all over those little treasures.
    Have a great night, Daniel/BarSoap! I look forward to reading new stuff!

  2. OOOOOOOO I loooved that fun dough :) im going to have to get myself some, it looks divine! Thank you for posting up all these amazing items <3 yay :)

  3. Thank you to everyone that entered, primarily for keeping Daniel occupied for so long and OFF Batman on the Playstation 3. For that I am truly thankful.

    Congratulations Penny Farthing, equisite work!

    Love Kate

  4. Im sure we could keep Dan occupied most days of the week katie... whats you phone number... I have to chat with him about lol...
    This is an awesome write up Dan ... I love your style

  5. Got to follow this now. A blog that's actually a pleasure to read.

    Cheers for the mention too. I reckon looking at my paintings instead of tv is a great idea.


  6. Your writing is hilarious and profound in the same time. Thank you so much for mentioning my shop as well. :)

  7. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. You inspire me! And thank you so very much for mentioning my store! Very grateful!

  8. Thank you for the worthy blog read with the hyperlinks to fun stores...not to mention my own.

    Thanks again for a unique blog.

  9. OMG! I'm utterly gobsmacked! In a world filled with so many great soapmakers, I'm thrilled that you singled out one of my soapies!

    I'm blushing....truly I am. Whether it is for the soap mention or the fact that I had to look (cause you posted the link, you sly devil) at a girl wearing pasties and stockings...and remembering that I kinda sorta (in my dreams) used to look somewhat reminiscent of that.

    Well, if you were crosseyed and under the influence but I digress...

    THANKS for the wonderful kick start to my weekend!!!

  10. Okay, I'm not clicking on your links in this post anymore! I clicked on the first one labeled "this" and got a half-naked woman... and I'm at work! :(

  11. @ Heather - amended, and apologies...

  12. I LOVE your writing style- so fun!
    I am most disappointed I missed entering ... maybe next time!

    Have a fab weekend
    Joyfully Yours
    From :

  13. Hello Daniel,
    Just saw the post on etsy about the blog write-up. Would love to showcase my ecofriendly work on your blog. Not sure if the entries are closed but if not, I am glad I still have a chance.

    Nice blog with an interesting read.

  14. @Sowmya - I might do another one at some point soon, it's quite time consuming, though I'll let you know if it happens.