Friday, 4 March 2011

The Woman in front of the Man

Self-worth is an important trait, I like to believe that I can achieve things with a little effort and rational thought; in fact, I find it hard to operate without that assumption. Just today for example; I made some toast, made a cup of tea, I managed to cycle into work and I’ve been at work for 44 minutes thus far; I haven’t done anything in the time I’ve been here save write this blog and yet I haven’t been sacked or even reprimanded, quite the achievement.

However, it should be noted that none of these events happened in a vacuum; my significant other (the delightful Kate) had a hand in these tasks: I asked her to take out the toast when it was burning (I was busy trying to repair the P.C) she fetched the mug and tea bag and –actually- made the tea when all I did was turn on the kettle and she was also able to financially support us through the previous 2 jobs I was sacked from for dilly-dallying. The only thing in my morning routine she didn’t help with was probably the cycle to work; it would be unreasonable to expect her to help with that.

Up to now, Kate has been a largely unsung commodity in this blog; my blog hitherto being a platform for me to express my rage at the price of coconut oil. That said, I should point out that during the process of the soap’s creation to it arriving freshly at your doorstep there are other hands at work aside from mine. Although the idea of making alcohol themed soaps was mine, what’s a theme without a clever wordplay? Yes, that’s right the moniker “BarSoap” was punned by one Kate Griggs, the name references the structural form soap is likely to take and then pairs it with a licensed establishment where alcohol is consumed; it is only then that a Mojito Soap Bar seems to make sense. Semiotics, a powerful force.

Also, it should go without saying that the use of Jules Cheret paintings was proposed by Kate; I like paintings of things in a very general way I suppose (I’d enjoy a drawing of a cow under a nice tree on a sunny day… a cottage in the background, maybe) However, if someone were to suggest we packaged soap with 19th century paintings evocative of a gaudy, burlesque style – the father of Belle Époque era French painting – to give a sense of period chic and boutique desirability then I’d most likely stare blankly at them until they started to think something was wrong with me. I’ll have to commend her on that though, people seem to like it; a word to all budding craft makers out there, an over-riding theme or style can really give your work a unique sense of direction and identity. 

Kate's role in BarSoap
Also, there’s the day to day stuff like networking and social contact which I neither have the patience nor the aptitude for. It goes hand in hand with selling and I’m happy to let someone else be the public face of the company (just last night she at a legal gathering, she gave a presentation on soap, to strangers… I would find it very hard to approach strangers and engage them on the subject of Soap). Whilst I do make the soap, without generated sales all we’d be left with is a house that smelled very pleasantly and a stockpile that made walking in the living room very difficult. Granted, whilst looking at people’s necklaces and knitted items on internet sites like Etsy and Folksy doesn’t really constitute hard work for a girl, it needs to be done nonetheless.  

That's all for now Soap fans...

P.S. Kate reminded me after proof reading this (she does that for me too) that she also came up with the logo.. though due to restraints of the Blog format I've had to tell her she's literally too awesome to fit into one blog entry.

P.P.S. I'm definitely, definitely not being forced to write this under pain of forced abstinence. Definitely not.

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  1. What a lovely post, you are a very lucky man, I would love to know how many brownie point you won for writing this!

  2. i love reading your posts, they are so cute and entertaining! Keep up the amazing work :)

  3. Thanks muchly ladies.

    P.S Knitful designs; I took a couple of flying lessons too - I was considering staying with a friend in Las Vegas as it's cheaper to leanr in the U.S even including flights and living costs though I wasn't sure I they'd give me a visa - and then I had to spent my money on a car... stupid car.

  4. What a great post. Kate sounds wonderful!
    My other half is definitely my BETTER half.
    Although with me on the computer so much lately, I wonder if he considers himself my other half!
    My guess is he thinks my other half is the computer. I will have to work on that!
    Thanks for the great reading, I didnt find any errors :) and I seriously wished I could write like you have!
    AND lastly, thanks for following my blog as well :)

  5. Kate sounds absolutely lovely! Sounds like you two make a great team :) I look forward to reading future posts from you both!

  6. I thourouly enjoyed reading this post and I would just like to say GO KATE!!!! :)

  7. Yay for Kate!!! Love the blog...too funny!!